Before You Start

Register yourself as a user on the platform, and choose a password.

Login to the platform on your phone, tablet or computer.

Step 1: Search According To Your Preferred Date Or Resort

It is as easy as deciding where and/or when you want to go on your next adventure! It is completely in your hands 24/7.

From the Home page, optionally enter a few keywords or just select a date range for your adventure, and click the Search Button.

Step 2: Apply A Filter Or Select A Resort From The List

With filters, you can specify which facilities a resort should have, or you can choose a resort from the list.

Based on the keywords and filters, we will get a list of resorts that match, and check the availability at the selected resort.

Step 3: View Resort Overview & Available Accommodation Types

Register yourself as a user on the platform, and choose a password. Here you will find more information on the resort, the resort map, images, facilities and other relevant information. Register yourself as a user on the platform, and choose a password.

A table will be shown with the availability of the different accommodation types offered by the resort, and their prices per night. Make a selection to view the different options within the accommodation types.

Step 4: Search Or View Stand Number - "Book Now" Stand

Now for the fun part - now you can view the stands to pick the perfect spot. Stand dimensions and facilities are also shown.

Using the list of stands, or filtering the list of stands, for example to be at least a certain size, you can make the perfect pick. When you have the perfect stand, click the "Book Now" button for the stand, to reserve the stand (for at least 5 minutes) while you perform the checkout.

Step 5: Select The Number Of Adults, Children & Vehicles

By entering the number of people and vehicles, you can get an accurate price for the stand at the time you picked earlier.

You can also pre-order additional items as per resort setup (e.g firewood, ice and many other options available). Click on Confirm Booking to place the selected stand into your cart.

Step 6: Add More Stands To Your Booking

After the stand is placed into your cart, you can add more stands (upto 5 from the same resort) into your cart.

Why not book for friends and family as well if you have a birthday party or event - you can even book one for mother-in-law! When all the perfect stands are in your cart, you can continue to Check Out.

Step 7: Using Vouchers And Selecting Payment Options

In the check out, you are able to redeem vouchers and select your payment method.

For Payment Methods, we offer a PayFast (direct online payment using your card - we do not receive, store or transmit your card details) and Manual Payment (EFT, Cash) payment options. With PayFast you can complete the booking and pay for it directly. Note: PayFast payments reflect Immediately, Manual Payments need to be allocated manually (by the resort), which may take a few days.

Step 8: Complete The Booking And Making Payment

If you selected to pay with PayFast, you will be redirected to PayFast to make the payment, before being returned to the booking summary. If you selected Manual Payment, you will be taken to the booking summary.

At this point your booking is complete, and you will receive an email confirmation. Note that unpaid bookings may be cancelled.

But Wait, There Is More!

The history of all your bookings ever made on AllOutBookings is available under "My Bookings" to view at any time.

You can do all of the following yourself: Reprint Invoices, Resend Confirmation Emails, Cancel Bookings (according to resort terms and conditions), follow up on payments, make PayFast payments for the amount due ... and so much more!